Not so shocking: Queens DA Richard Brown said that a TSA officer and contract baggage handler at JFK Airport were arrested for stealing a Macbook Air laptop and a T-Mobile Sidekick from checked luggage. As part of an "integrity test," a suitcase with the laptop, two cellphones and an iPod were planted on a flight from Miami—and were apparently too tempting to TSA officer Brian Burton and handler Antwon Simmons. When the luggage left the check baggage room, the Queens DA's office alleges the two items were gone "and that the luggage tags had been switched - indicating a different passenger’s name and a destination of Los Angeles - in an effort to conceal the theft of property." Brown said, "When air travelers check their luggage with an airline, there is an implicit trust that their bags and their contents will meet them at their destination." Yeah, but that's also why people hate checking their luggage and insist on bringing too many carry-on items. Five years ago, Chevy Chase learned the hard way not to check his $10K watch in his suitcase.