Talk about timing: JFK Airport's Terminal 1 was evacuated for two hours when an anonymous caller said there was a bomb at the facility—just as airport security found an unattended bag. Port Authority spokesman John Kelly "said 250 to 300 passengers were evacuated from Terminal 1 at the airport around 6 p.m. and were allowed back in after 8 p.m.," according to the AP.

Bomb-sniffing dogs were on the scene and it was ultimately determined that the bag was not a bomb. And the caller, a female, stated, "a bomb is going to go off."

Apparently passengers cheered when they were allowed back into the terminal. One, Serbian pro basketball player Igor Rakocevic, Tweeted earlier, "If this was false bomb alert by some idiot- i honestly pray and wish that he ends up in jail- and have very unpleasent same gender-experience as a punishment," but has made it back home just fine (though without his luggage.