2006_07_petercooper2.jpgIt looks like some advances in technology are causing some problems at Stuyvesant Town and Peter Cooper Village. The $5.4 billion complex of buildings is replacing all its regular old keys with fancy electronic key-cards - in the case of Peter Cooper Village, the cards are already being used. The Post reports that Stuy Town residents could be using the new key system as early as next week. This is somewhat of an issue for Orthodox Jews on the Sabbath and religious holidays because they are forbidden to use the key technology during those days. One Stuy Town resident told The Post, "They are making us prisoners in our own homes. What do they want us to do? It's not like we can go somewhere else. It's our home." Well, what they obviously want you to do is move out so they can charge more rent to the next tenant.

There may be hope for those that can't use the key-cards, as a Tishman Speyer spokesman told The Post that residents of both complexes would be given regular keys during the Sabbath. Tishman Speyer claims that they were unaware of the problem before. Since the new system went into effect at Peter Cooper, the Orthodox Jews are waiting for someone to let them in, walking to the security booths for assistance, not leaving their apartments, or staying with their relatives.

Residents have previously complained about management using the electronic keys to flush out illegal residents and they have to watch out for the Stuy Town spy.