Star of David, by Elsa Peretti; Photo - TiffanyThe number of Jews in the city has dropped off to below 1 million for the first time in a century, reports the Times. A study by the UJA-Federation of New York says in 2002, there were 972,000 Jews in the city, which is less than half the 2 million who lived here in the 1950's (the Jewish population is down about 5% in the past decade).

However, it seems that many Jews have moved to the suburbs, as the Jewish population in New York plus Westchester, Nassau and Suffolk Counties, is still at 1.4 million, "as many successful Jews left the city to settle in the nearby suburbs." Westchester's Jewish population grew 40% over the past decade. Gothamist would like to point out that while there may not be many practicing Jews, there are many people who are Jewish in attitude. But the politicians just want to count the actual Jews, versus the virtual ones.

Jews may be headed to the suburbs, but usually not the single Jews. Check them out on Jdate. Another place to meet New York Jews is the JCC.