All this time, we thought Harrison Ford was the Jewish Indiana Jones—but it turns out that Menachem Youlus, who has been going around the world rescuing lost Torahs, has dubbed himself the "Jewish Indiana Jones." But now he's been accused of giving a bad name to Jewish Indiana Jones's everywhere.

Youlus, who owns the Jewish Bookstore in in Maryland and co-founded Save a Torah charity foundation in 2004, was arrested today and has been charged with mail and wire fraud. Authorities say that Youlus made up all his stories about travelling the world to save Torahs as part of a ruse to defraud his own charity out of "hundreds of thousands of dollars" since 2004. Youlus allegedly sought contributions from Save a Torah for his exploits, some of which he then embezzled by diverting them directly into his personal bank accounts.

His attorney, Paul Rooney, said, "We deny this accusation and anything else we have to say will be said in court." We were going to say that this was the worst thing to happen to Indiana Jones' legacy ever...if it weren't for the abomination that was Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull.