A 24-year-old Jewish man was punched in the face on Wednesday night inside a campus building at Medgar Evers College in Crown Heights. When the victim, a student at the college, asked his attacker for an explanation he reportedly responded, "I don't like white and Jewish Boys. Leave the school you Jew."

The assault took place around 6 p.m. on Wednesday inside 1638 Bedford Avenue on the Medgar Evers campus, according to the NYPD. The suspect, identified only as a black male, allegedly bumped into the victim while he stood in the hallway with a group of acquaintances.

According to school officials, the victim was wearing a yarmulke and had just finished taking a science exam. The suspect proceeded to punch him and make anti-Semitic remarks before leaving the building through the main entrance.

One of the student witnesses, a Muslim woman, helped notify school security. The victim later told officials that he did not know his assailant and believed that he was targeted because of his religion, according to JP Updates. He did not require medical attention.

"The fact that a Muslim woman came to the defense of an orthodox Jewish man is a true reflection of the values that permeate this great institution," said school president Rudolph Crew in a statement. "While such incidents are fortunately rare on campus, even one is too many. To attack someone because of his or her race or religious beliefs is appalling."

School officials have yet to determine if the suspect is affiliated with Medgar Evers, and NYPD officials confirmed that an investigation into the attack is ongoing.