A Roman Catholic sales executive is suing her Orthodox Jewish boss for allegedly prohibiting her from wearing her crucifix at work. Jamie Errico, who was the VP of Sales at watch and picture frame wholesaler Concepts in Time near Herald Square, has filed a discrimination lawsuit against the company and its owner Saul Jemal, for allegedly treating her and other non-Jewish employees "in a most unorthodox manner," as the Daily News puts it. Errico claims Jemal was "adamant" about keeping the crucifix off company property. We're guessing Jemal also hates garlic.

"Jewish people were permitted to wear the Star of David freely, but she was prohibited from wearing the cross," Errico's lawyer tells the News. "Because she was Roman Catholic, the company docked her salary for taking off Christmas Eve, while the Jewish employees took holidays off at will without being docked." The lawsuit also contends that Jemal "refused to allow plaintiff to make or sell watches with any kind of non-Jewish religious symbols."

Errico was fired last December, according to the Post. But Jemal also sued Errico for allegedly taking the company's "confidential and proprietary information" before joining a rival firm. That lawsuit was dismissed, but the two sides will soon cross paths again in court.