By our estimations, it would take some serious cajones for the Jets to somehow shuffle Mark Sanchez off Broadway, quietly dump Tim Tebow, and bring the polarizing Michael Vick to town. But it seems that Jets management might have adamantium balls.

ESPN is reporting that the Jets will look to trade Sanchez after this season, and part ways with a very unhappy Tebow as well. The Daily News and NY Post both have similar reports from their sources, although one league source told the Post, “there will be no market for him. None.”

But just because they might have to eat a few million dollars of Sanchez's salary doesn't mean they won't find a way to pull it off if they need to—if anything, GM Mike Tannenbaum has been a master at renegotiating salaries and creating cap space for them. As for the other piece of the puzzle: a team official told the News that Rex Ryan "loves" Vick, who already is reportedly interested in coming aboard the Jets. “Bring it on,” one Jets source said about signing Vick if he becomes available. “He was hit too many times [behind a subpar offensive line] the last two years.”

On the plus side, this would be a serious upgrade for the Jets turnover-wise: Sanchez has 50 giveaways this year, compared to Vick's 32. On the other hand, 32 is pretty terrible too. Then again: no more buttfumbles.