2008_12_ellis.jpgShaun Ellis, a Jets defensive end, was stopped by police in NJ last weekend and eventually charged with "possession of marijuana, driving without insurance and speeding after a highway traffic stop." Ellis was stopped because he, as the Daily Record reports, "allegedly approached a police car from behind at high speed on Route 287 south, pulled even and briefly slowed down, then passed the police car and exited onto Route 24." When the cop pulled him over, Ellis was "uncooperative" and eventually some pot was found in the car. Ellis, who is expected to play on Sunday, issued a statement, "I apologize to my family, the fans and the organization. As a captain, I set a poor example for my teammates as well as all NFL players. Although this is a pending legal matter, I understand that I have to be responsible for my actions." Well, it's not shooting yourself in the leg, is it?