On Thanksgiving, Jets fans gave America one of the most humiliating defeats in its history by losing 49-19 to the New England Patriots. Sure, giving up three touchdowns in 52 seconds, one of them caused by "franchise" quarterback Mark Sanchez running into Brandon Moore's butt, made fans upset, but did you realize that the Jets quasi-mascot, "Fireman Ed" Anzalone, has decided to end his "Fireman Ed" days? And not because of the team's terrible play—it's due to confrontational Jets fans!

Anzalone traditionally leads the home game fans in the Jets chant ("J-E-T-S—JETS JETS JETS!"). However, yesterday he wrote in Metro:

On Thanksgiving night, I left the Jets game before halftime. This was the second time in a row I left before there were four zeroes on the clock. We have had much worse teams than this and I never left before. I pride myself in that, because I am not a quitter.

I decided to leave Thursday because the confrontations with other Jets fans have become more common, even though most Jets fans are fantastic.

This is an indication of how society has lost and is continuing to lose respect for one another. The stadium has become divided because of the quarterback controversy as well. The fact that I chose to wear a Mark Sanchez jersey this year and that fans think I am on the payroll — which is an outright lie — have made these confrontations more frequent. Whether it’s in the stands, the bathroom or the parking lot, these confrontations are happening on a consistent basis.

Although I can “hold my own,” I do not want to lose my temper and make a stupid mistake. I have a responsibility to the families and kids that enjoy the game and Fireman Ed.

Anzalone further explained to Metro

, "Listen, I went through the Rich Kotite era — we were 4-28 in that era. Any Jets fan knows this isn’t the worst of times; it isn’t close. It’s been about the nastiness. I just think society in general — you’re out in your car there’s no respect at all. I don’t want to put up with that from people taking it out on me anymore.”

Here's what people will be missing:

But don't worry—you can laugh over this butt fumble again: