USC quarterback Mark Sanchez made a splash when he was the number 5 NFL draft pick last month—and now he's doing it this month with a photo spread in GQ magazine. The new Jets player is modeling swimwear (not kissing mirrors, the way A-Rod did in Details), though he did say about one pair, "I wouldn’t necessarily be caught in those shorts."

The Post declares this the end of the Tom Brady-era; Steiner Sports Marketing CEO Brandon Steiner said, "GQ is all about the young, the good-looking, the quarterback who has the whole world in front of him. Tom Brady's getting a little older. He's becoming the veteran. He's going to be doing some more insurance-type commercials pretty soon." The tabloid also gives pointers to the (maybe?) future New Yorker: Move to Soho, befriend David Cross for hipster cred, develop palate for real Italian food, and stock up on condoms at Babeland.