Jets officials are closely monitoring allegations that a woman was raped in the home of their safety, Kerry Rhodes. According to the Post, a Canadian tourist reported to the NYPD that she and a friend met Rhodes and another man at a Manhattan nightclub Friday night. The woman and her friend ended up leaving with them and going to his Morristown, NJ town house, where she said she was raped. NYPD brought the woman to Morristown police, who would only comment that there is "an ongoing investigation." After being questioned by cops, Rhodes, whose nickname is Hollywood, released a statement saying, "I briefly talked with police on Saturday regarding an incident that allegedly took place at my home. The police confirmed to me that I am not the subject of this allegation." The Post also adds that Rhodes "starred in an independent film about relationship dilemmas called Misunderstandings, in which he had a steamy hot-tub scene" and that the Jets are "gathering information" about the situation.