Rex "Goddamn Snack Time" Ryan has been stuck between a rock, a hard place, and a squeaky-clean, sermon-spouting virgin all week as he tried to decide who he would name starter in the Jets next game against the Jacksonville Jaguars. Despite Greg McElroy's brief star-turn relieving Mark Sanchez against the Arizona Cardinals on Sunday, Ryan has decided to stick with Mr. Butt Fumbler this week. And Ryan's Jets career is now tied directly to how the beleaguered Sanchez handles himself from here on out.

Ryan informed the team of his decision at today's morning meeting; he wasn't ready to say who his #2 backup would be. ESPN's source says that decision "will depend largely on Tebow's health." Based on how Ryan and the Jets have used him this season—or more to the point, how they've done everything they can to AVOID using him—it seems safe to say that no one on the Jets coaching staff has any faith in Tebow's throwing abilities, and may be hoping he stays injured for now to keep McElroy as their backup.

According to the News, it took a lot of internal meetings before Ryan came to the starter decision: General Manager Mike Tannenbaum and Offensive Coordinator Tony Sparano backed Sanchez, while owner Woody Johnson was in favor of McElroy. CBS's Jason LaCanfora added that there was "much disagreement internally" over who to start.

But the Jets may have lucked out with their schedule: they face the Jaguars, Tennessee Titans, San Diego Chargers and Buffalo Bills—all teams with four or less victories—in the last four weeks of the season. Despite being 5-7, and not even playing as well as that record might suggest, the Jets have four very winnable games ahead, and could end up 9-7 and sneak into the playoffs. It's unlikely, but a winning record could go a long way toward giving Ryan and Sanchez one more year of full support by the organization—and even if everything collapses and goes to shit, Sanchez is still owed $8.3 million from the Jets next year, wherever he ends up, and there's no way he can butt fumble that away.