After news that a woman claimed she was raped in the Morristown, NJ home of Jets safety Kerry Rhodes, the press—namely the tabloids—is staked out by Rhodes' fancy condominium. Rhodes is not suspected in the rape, but the media invasion was too much for Rhodes' neighbors. According to the Daily Record, when Rhodes drove away from his home, "The photographers sprang to action, snapping photos of Rhodes, who wore a baseball cap slung low as he sped down MacCulloch toward Route 202. A neighbor, however, was incensed by their actions and chased photographers down MacCulloch, screaming expletives and threats." The police eventually arrived and asked photographers from the NY Post and Daily News "to keep their distance," noting that the Morristown police "[doesn't] have the resources to keep a car out here." The police are investigating whether a friend of Rhodes is involved.