Know what Jets owner Woody Johnson loves perhaps as much as Rex Ryan? Helping out the GOP! Johnson was a big McCain supporter in 2008 and this year, he's back to helping Republican candidates. Politico's Maggie Haberman reports that Johnson "helped the NRSC notch its best-ever night in New York City, raising a massive $800,000 at a joint event for seven U.S. Senate hopefuls, a source who attended the event told me.

"Sen. John Cornyn, the Texas senator and chairman of the NRSC, was on hand. And the seven candidates who the event raised for were South Dakota Sen. John Thune - who revealed in recent days that he's exploring a 2012 run - Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, Missouri hopeful Rep. Roy Blunt, Illinois candidate Rep. Mark Kirk, and Ohio candidate and former OMB director Rob Portman. The other two were New York's two U.S. Senate GOP challengers, former Rep. Joe DioGuardi and Jay Townsend, the source said. "