The Jets, who agreed to a five-year deal with receiver Santonio Holmes yesterday, seem like they're on their way to becoming the biggest winner of the NFL free agency, especially if they are successful in their pursuit of cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha. But Holmes has riled up the local dallies with a celebratory tweet he made yesterday about an hour after the two sides agreed to terms: "Just finish a bottle of Louis Roederer Cristal from 2002! Big bro showed loved today."

The picture is featured on the cover of the Post today, and inside, they sound nervous about the high-stakes deal, questioning Holmes judgment: "Holmes is a living, breathing, maddening seductive quandary. He’s an incredibly talented playmaker who’s easily the Jets’ most dangerous offensive threat, but he also is a big-time risk." However, as Grantland points out, the 27-year-old Holmes is actually in the prime/peak of his career: "He's been extremely healthy as a pro, missing just two games due to injury during his five-year career. Even if Holmes was to get suspended and miss a season, he might not miss much more time than an older free agent might have missed on account of declining skills or injury."

This isn't the first time Holmes has been roped into a Twitter controversy: last year, before he came to the Jets, Holmes allegedly told a fan to kill himself in a Tweet, although later he claimed his account had been hacked. He also got into trouble when he commented on the Casey Anthony trial last month, saying: "Oh don’t be mad at the outcome of the #CaseyAnthony verdict. Non of yall went thru any evidence and yall tryna state your claim #dead."

So Holmes maybe should be a bit more careful than others in what he Tweets about (like certain former politicians with goofy last names). But the real loser in all of the Jets' maneuverings is sad ol' Braylon Edwards, who doesn't think the Jets like him very much anymore: "I would love to be a Jet but the feeling doesn't seem to be mutual with the management," he Tweeted, then deleted, yesterday.