The last time the Jets swept the Patriots in one season, Bill Clinton was president and Vinny Testaverde was quarterback. Since 2000, there have been four Patriots sweeps and four splits. Thanks to a 16-9 win over the Patriots at the Meadowlands in Week 2, the Jets can end their drought this week.

In that Week 2 win, the Jets shut down Randy Moss and didn't allow a point in the second half. They also had the benefit of an injury to Wes Welker, which made Julian Edelman the No. 2 New England receiver. Welker is healthy this week, meaning having Darrelle Revis' shutdown ability on Moss won't be enough by itself.

The Jets aren't playing with the same swagger that they had in Week 2. Mark Sanchez has looked like a rookie quarterback, giving away fumbles and throwing interceptions. The Jets lost Kris Jenkins and Leon Washington to injury. The Patriots, who lost a crushing 35-34 game to the Colts on Sunday, haven't lost consecutive regular-season games since December 2006, when the Jets beat them in Foxborough. That's also the last home loss for Tom Brady.

If the Jets defense comes to play, the team will have a shot. But the Patriots, despite their loss in Indianapolis, are finding their stride.