It appears the Taser-fueled brawl at yesterday's Jets game was sparked by a perceived lack of patriotism on behalf of the man who was ultimately arrested. Leroy McKelvey of South Carolina was charged with aggravated assault and weapons possession, and was released on $22,500 bail today, the Cliffview Pilot reports. According to one police source, static started after a Marine noticed that McKelvey and his friends did not stand or remove their hats during the pre-game enforced nationalism moment. And on 9/11 Day, too! :(

"A Marine at the end of the row noticed that McKelvey and three others in his party would not stand or take their hats off for the national anthem," a law enforcement officer tells the Cliffview Pilot. "So the Marine tells McKelvey he better not have to get out of the row cause he won't let him out." What is this, Yankee Stadium?! Fisticuffs ensued (and were captured on video by a fan), and during the scuffle three people, including the Marine, were zapped with the Taser.

President George W. Bush happened to be attending the game, so the fact that McKelvey was even able to sneak in a Taser is sort of impressive. Mark Lamping, President & CEO of MetLife Stadium, said in a statement: "On Sunday evening, a man entered the Stadium with an illegal taser the size of a small cell phone in his pocket. The taser was later used in an altercation with fans, during which no one was seriously injured. The man was immediately arrested. Procedures for pat downs established by the NFL and used at every game were in effect at all entry gates."