Because they can't go one year without a headline-grabbing quarterback controversy, the Jets released Mark Sanchez and signed Michael Vick to a one-year, $5 million deal late on Friday. While Geno Smith, the man Vick will be competing against for the starting QB job, is psyched Vick is here, a lot of Jets fans have taken to social media to voice their displeasure. "Jets fans, football fans, and sports fans want nothing to do with criminals who abuse animals," wrote Alan Kessler on his new Facebook page, "Boycott the NY Jets & Michael Vick."

“I was a proud New York Jets fan, always have been, but this was an easy decision,” Kessler, 46, a Long Island cop, told the Post. "Michael Vick has no place in football. He disgusts me." The page has gotten almost 5K likes in about two days, generating 13 posts in that time. People have been just as angry on the Jets Twitter and Facebook pages.
"He electrocuted dogs in a bathtub for fun. I’m supposed to root for this guy?" wrote Ryan Breslin on the Jets’ Facebook page. "As ashamed as I’ve ever been to be a Jets fan and that’s saying something."

Take a look at the top six comments on the Jets' Facebook announcement:

"If they sign Michael Vick, I'm not watching any games he plays in, and maybe none while he's even on the roster," said Jay Wilkins, a Jets superfan who pulls out Jets gear (including a fleece blanket) on gameday. "Still considering that. It's only partly about the dog torture. It's also about just stupid, desperate, tone-deaf decision making. (I'll still follow pre- and post-game coverage, cos it's a sickness.)"

From a practical standpoint, Wikins adds that Vick "gets hurt all the time and doesn't usually play a full season anyway. And is he the kind of role model—on and off the field—you'd want for Geno Smith?" Fellow Jets fanatic John Maceda says he'll still follow the team, but he isn't thrilled about Vick: "If I had my way they'd just keep Sanchez for another year, if all this boils down to is having a competitive back up," he told us, "because the 'circus' thing about the Jets the media always wants to jump all over is going to be a factor if they sign Vick."

PETA has also expressed their disappointment with the Jets: "Michael Vick can’t make a football cower and shake, and he can’t drown, electrocute, hang, or shoot it—so that’s the good news. But no decent human being would be able to hold his or her head up in public after doing all that to 'man’s best friend.'" Vick's brother Marcus responded to them on Twitter: "Y’all still on that bulls-t???? Smh #Peta."