Yesterday's Jets game against the Detroit Lions was a debacle. It even got to the point where Gang Green fans were so angered with quarterback Geno Smith's poor performance that they started chanting, "We want Vick!" So Smith yelled at one heckler, "Fuck you!"

In fact, he said it twice and was caught by WCBS 2. Smith later apologized, "No matter what happened I’ve got to not feed into it. It’s a part of the job. I understand the fans want to come out and see victories. And at times they get heated and we do too as players." He added, "What I did was wrong. Two wrongs don’t make a right."

Smith had a chance to bring the Jets to 2-2 but the team fell to the Lions 24-16.'s Joe Giglio writes, "Smith's inability to contain his anger toward a fan has more critics wondering about the second-year quarterback. With seven turnovers in four games, after profiling as a turnover machine during his rookie campaign, the Jets signal caller is looking less and less like a franchise quarterback as the season moves along."

Teammate Muhammad Wilkerson defended Smith, "You’ve got fans screaming negative things towards us. That’s not going to build us up. That’s only going to break us down. We’ve got to keep that out of our minds and stick together. But if they want to be all in, then they’ve got to be all in with us as well when it’s bad and when it’s good."

Smith also said, "I’m built for this, man. I’ve played football my entire life. I’ve dealt with heckling fans. It’s not something that I’m not used to. The key thing for me is to continue to stay grounded, keep working. I’m only 23. I can’t begin to tell you how much improvement I’ve got to do. It’s a loooong process, and I’m in it for the long haul."

Still, the Daily News' Gary Myers is unamused:

It’s one thing for Smith to continually attribute his bad mistakes to inexperience - Jets fans are so sick of this after hearing it from Mark Sanchez for four years - but now it’s a learning experience to not say “F--- you” to a fan? The Jets are enabling him on the field just like they enabled Sanchez, but at least Sanchez had the good sense not to curse out the fans, even if Ryan set the standard for him. At halftime of a tough loss to the Patriots in 2011, and just after the Jets had mangled a timeout, Ryan walked up the tunnel to the locker room. He was in a bad mood.

“Hey Rex, Belichick is better than you,” one fan shouted.

“Shut the f--- up,” Ryan said without breaking stride.

The NFL fined him $75,000. Smith can expect the NFL to be taking money out of his paycheck. By the way, the league won’t be able to claim it can’t get its hands on the video when it comes to fining Smith.