The Jets are probably not good enough to beat the Colts when Indianapolis is playing at full strength. Fortunately for Gang Green, the 14-0 Colts may be taking the foot off the gas pedal for the Week 16 matchup. With home-field advantage locked up, the Colts must make a decision on a subject they have faced many times before: resting regulars vs. staying sharp and trying to remain unbeaten.

The Colts haven't given that much indication which way they are going to go. Rex Ryan said Wednesday he would love for the Colts to rest their stars. Defensive ends Dwight Freeney and Robert Mathis may not play. That would help quarterback Mark Sanchez stay on his feet.

The Jets' real test will come against the Colts offense. Darrelle Revis is so good that people are expecting Reggie Wayne to be shut down. But what about Pierre Garcon, Austin Collie and tight end Dallas Clark? The last name should be of special concern. Who's going to cover him? Safety Kerry Rhodes?

After losing at home to the already-eliminated Falcons, the Jets can't expect to beat any team, even if it tries at only 50 percent. With a win in Indianapolis and one at home against Cincinnati, the Jets would still need help.