2005_08_queenspark.jpgQueens Borough President Helen Marshall really wants the Jets to move to Queens so much that she says she's fine with getting rid of the Fountain of Planets in Flushing Meadows-Corona Park. Marshall made the point that no one will care about the Fountain of Planets because it's filled with garbage. Mayor Bloomberg was with Marshall when she made that comment yesterday, and he said, "If it's filled with garbage there will be somebody there this afternoon," and wouldn't you know it, workers were clearing out the muck chop chop! Our mayor is so funny. He was so gung-ho about the Jets moving to the West Side, but now when it comes to Queens, he's suddenly concerned about parkland: "I'd love to see the Jets plan any place in New York rather than across the river. The alienation of parkland is clearly going to be controversial and something that has to be looked at. If you take away parkland, the state law is quite clear. We'd have to come up with parkland someplace else." The Jets say they would replace eight acres of parkland, but how one does that sounds more like magic to us. And, of course, the Jets are being accused to grabbing land, since the team rejected a plan to move to Willets Point. The Jets just won't win!

Newsday on support for keeping the Fountain.

Photograph by Newsday