So while Mike Tannenbaum was off signing Plaxico Burress and keeping Antonio Cromartie and Santonio Holmes, everybody's favorite fan of pretty feet and football alike, Jets coach Rex Ryan, went and got a tattoo. A really ugly tattoo on his right calf that has quickly been mocked up and down the internet. But what does it mean?

Yesterday the Jets coach went to Facebook to let fans guess what the remarkably unbecoming calf tat signifies. And today he returned to Facebook with the answer. Ready to groan? "My new tat means, believe in yourself, which I got no problem doing."

Oh, Rex, Rex, Rex. Sigh. That tat ain't our cup of tea, but as long as Michelle Ryan likes it, who are we to judge? But we hope you don't let your new ink habit get in the way of really important stuff. Like winning the Super Bowl.