2008_04_nfldraftstage.jpgAfter the first day of the NFL Draft, the Jets and Giants wrapped up their drafts yesterday by filling some needs and taking some chances. The Jets added Dwight Lowery a cornerback, Marcus Henry a wide receiver, Nate Garner an offensive tackle and Erik Ainge, the QB from Tennessee and the nephew of Danny Ainge. In many ways, Ainge is similar to Chad Pennington, so it is an interesting pick to say the least.

The Giants took Mario Manningham a wide receiver from Michigan who saw his draft prospects plummet after lying about using pot. Manningham isn’t big, but he has great hands and could become a weapon. They also added Andre’ Woodson, the QB from Kentucky which means the days of the “hefty lefty” are numbered. Bryan Kehl and Jonathan Goff add depth at linebacker while Robert Henderson gives New York another speedy defensive end.

Photo of the NFL Draft stage by AP/Julie Jacobson