The fifty thousand or so fans up in the Bronx who got to see Derek Jeter get hit number 2,722 certainly earned their pinstripes in order to be a part of Yankee history last night. The crowd got a little wet waiting out a 90-minute rain delay in order to see the Yankee captain surpass Lou Gehrig's 72-year record with a single on his second at-bat in the 3rd inning of last night's game against Baltimore.

Jeter seemed genuinely humbled by the experience, which included the entire ballclub coming out of the dugout to celebrate with him. He said after the game, "It's still hard to believe. Being a Yankee fan, this is something I never imagined. Your dream is always to play for the team, and once you get here, you just want to stay and try to be consistent. This wasn't a part of it."

Jeter's longtime teammates Andy Pettite and Jorge Posada were quick to talk about how the superstar shortstop honored last night was the same cutie pie rookie who joined the team fourteen years ago. Pettite said, "We were so young and started this run off at a young knew that he was special. He hasn’t changed. He still says the same corny jokes or wisecracks that he did back then.” The most concise praise of Jeter last night may have come from his old Boss, George Steinbrenner, who issued a statement saying, "For those who say today's game can't produce legendary players, I have two words: Derek Jeter."

With his legacy firmly in tact and all the attention showered on Jeter this season, will it add up to the first career MVP for the leadoff man having another stellar season on the team once again best in the bigs?