JetBlue and the city made good on their deal last year, by celebrating the start of construction of a new terminal at JFK. And the new 26 gate terminal will be connected to the famous Terminal Five, long closed for air traffic, more recently the scene of some art debauchery. The new terminal will let JetBlue essentially double the number of their flights from JFK. Cool your jets for now (or use your working brakes!) - the terminal won't open until 2009. But the city is glad to welcome thousands of jobs, in both short-term construction and permanents ones at the terminal.

Enplaned has renderings of the new terminal plan. The famed Terminal Five will be "preserved as a retail and food outlet for JetBlue passengers." Our Spidey sense says that little "Terminal Five" keychains being created, with hopes to market it to all the JetBlue and Eero Saarinen fanatics alike. But you'll get some flying from Terminal Five satisfaction: JetBlue is building seven temporary gates there, for an interim. And there are some beautiful Terminal Five photographs are at lightningfield.