Yesterday, funerals began for victims of the Newtown mass shooting. Two six-year-old boys were remembered in separate events—the Courant's short descriptions of them show how their lives were so simple and how they had so much to live for: "Jack Pinto, a New York Giants fan, and ..Noah Pozner, who loved tacos and wanted to be a doctor." Jack was buried in a No. 80 Victor Cruz jersey, while Noah was remembered as a mischievous "maverick." Noah's mother, Veronique, said, "The sky is crying, and the flags are at half-mast. It is a sad, sad day. And it’s also your day, Noah, my little man."

Noah's five-year-old cousin in Washington State wanted his card to be buried with Noah, but his father had already flown to Connecticut. So Victoria Haller Tweeted, "I need to know if there's a way to overnight an envelope to CT as my SIL wants notes from the whole family buried with Noah. Help?" and then explained, "Otherwise I will scan the notes and email them & my husband will print them out but I would rather he have the real thing. #LoveForNoah" and added, "This is the note my almost 6yo son wants buried with his cousin. Noah is shown with a heart body & the flower ..." (see picture above).

Another Twitter user Tweeted at JetBlue and Delta for help (Haller told Delta, "My SIL wants notes from all of us to be buried with Noah so he does not go into the afterlife alone. #lovefornoah"), and JetBlue was able to take the card and fly it from Seattle to JFK Airport. Haller said, "Deepest thanks to @JetBlue flight attendant Craig Myers for carrying the notes from Seattle, Trisha & Heather @ JFK for helping receive them," and "Trisha @JetBlue JFK got my friend Alex through security and Heather went onto the plane and got the notes from Craig." She asked others to "love bomb" JetBlue and added, "My friends at @JetBlue really took a risk taking on this huge responsibility and we will all be eternally grateful. #LoveForNoah"

Pozner's twin sister Arielle survived the shooting; she was in another class. Funerals for other victims have been planned.