If we learned anything from the trailer to the movie Flight, it's that only Denzel Washington can be trusted to pilot a plane upside-down while drunk. Everyone else is going to get into a lot of trouble that can't be smoothed over by a sweet Rolling Stones song on the soundtrack—and so it goes for one JetBlue pilot who has been arrested after he allegedly flew drunk between Florida and JFK Airport last year.

According to the News, pilot Dennis Thomas Murphy, Jr. was selected for a random alcohol test on April 21, 2015, after his 151-passenger flight from Orlando touched down at JFK. He blew a .11 for blood alcohol content on the Breathalyzer (any pilot over .10 can face criminal charges under federal law, and FAA regulations limit pilots’ blood alcohol content to .04.). Earlier that same day, Murphy had flown with 119 passengers aboard from JFK to Orlando.

Murphy, who was only hired by the airline in January 2015, apparently blamed the results on the "gum that he was chewing." Court papers state: "During the walk to the onsite testing office at JFK Airport, Murphy's face was red and he was chewing gum rapidly." He was given a second test 15 minutes later that produced similar results.

His co-pilot later told investigators he saw Murphy “drinking an unknown beverage from a cup” before and during the two flights.

Murphy has since resigned and been stripped of his medical certification (which is required to fly), and he has been charged with flying under the influence of alcohol. He will be arraigned in Brooklyn court this afternoon.