An NYPD sergeant may have been catching up on Law & Order reruns via DirecTV while a real life crime was being committed on her at the Terminal 5 baggage check. A JetBlue baggage handler has been arrested for breaking into a suitcase and stealing the gun of the sergeant, who was on her way from New York to Orlando on th emorning of April 22. After first breaking into the sergeant's suitcase, 21-year-old Tamarcus Hines then was able to open a locked gun box within it, taking an unloaded 9mm handgun, ammunition and a gun holster. When the sergeant noticed her bag had been tampered with and weapon missing upon arrival, police were able to connect the crime to the baggage handler. Hines admitted to the theft and led cops to a Queens sewer where he had tossed the gun. Queens DA Richard Brown said yesterday, “It is upsetting that a passenger who buys an airline ticket and lawfully checks her luggage...has been subjected to having her belongings stolen. This case is, however, especially egregious in that the defendant is alleged to have brazenly stolen a 9mm handgun that had been properly secured by its owner, a sergeant with the New York City Police Department.”