Remember how Jet cornerback Antonio Cromartie had a little trouble remembering the name of one of his eight children in Hard Knocks over the summer? So we crunched the numbers, and it turns out he actually has nine children, by eight different women, in six states. It all sounds pretty, pretty messy, considering that none of 26-year-old Cromartie's kids are older than five. The Post says mother No. 6 is "a corporate lawyer and former Miss Black North Carolina" and Cromartie's sister once claimed that mother No. 1 a "pot-smoking prostitute."

No. 6, Rhonda Patterson, claims that Cromartie dumped her a week before they were supposed to get married, when she was six months pregnant: "It's easy to get wrapped up in the lifestyle that came with being engaged to someone in the NFL -- first-class flights, shopping on Rodeo Drive, living in his Atlanta mansion. It made it easier to overlook the red flags." Cromartie lives with his wife, aka mother No. 8, and apparently Skype helps him stay in touch with some of the other kids.