2005_12_yogibear.jpgIf Gothamist was running a school, we'd be suspicious of a group called the "Yogi Bear Sunday School" even if they were performing non-religious pageants, because once you try to meld a Hanna Barbera cartoon character and the idea of Sunday school, there are bound to be problems. PS 274 had problems when the Yogi Bear Sunday School handed out Christmas stocking with religious materials - a no-no in a city public school. The Post reports that the students received "stockings stuffed with a cross, a Christian-themed coloring book and a flashlight labeled 'Jesus Lights Up My Life.'" Oh, man, now Gothamist wants a "Jesus Lights Up My LIfe" flashlight, but only if there's a Jesus head on it! Schools do allow Christmas trees and menorahs as they are "non-secular" but the cross, coloring book and flashlight are verboten. The Yogi Bear Sunday School says it did not mean to distribute the Christian material, but the Department of Education is on the case.