Ooh, the Jews for Jesus put up a bunch of primary color subway posters and hell breaks loose. Well, according to the Post, it does. Here's what some commuters passing by the signs at 42nd Street subway stations said:

"I personally don't think religion has any place in advertising," said Roman Meisenberg, 20. "Why do we need this in a public space like the subways?"

Sarah Stevens from Brooklyn said, "Those people are so annoying, but I'd rather have these ads than have them stop me on the street."

To the first person: True - better that the MTA stick to approving posters that herald blow jobs. To the second person: Again, very true - and Gothamist gets so upset when we're not offered a brochure. The Jewish Community Relations Council is upset by the advertising, but the MTA says the ads are protected under the First Amendment.

What do you think? What would be funny is if Scientologists set up their stress tests in front of them.

Photograph from David Gallagher on Flickr