Things got a little crazy at the opening party for the Boom Boom Room, a new club on the top of The Standard Hotel Saturday night—Jesse Camp straight-up urinated off the roof! Wait, who's Jesse Camp? Apparently, he was an MTV personality at the end of the last century. And he still gets invited to things! But just because Camp accepts an invitation doesn't mean he's agreeing to play by society's uptight rules. Here's how he breaks it down for New York's Shira Levine: "I'm not going to lie, man; I peed off the roof. But honestly what’s that in the name of a good time? I mean, I keep it real... I didn't break a city law. No one can say that." Levine points out that Camp sure did break the law, but he's ready with an airtight defense: "I didn't know I was going to do that, so can you even blame me? So, like, fine — come and arrest me." But before anyone gets too worked up about the ethics of urinating off a roof onto a crowded city, lets all step back and remember that Camp was relieving himself onto the Meatpacking District.