Earlier in the week, New Jersey's Governor Chris Christie kiboshed the trans-Hudson ARC tunnel, saying the state couldn't afford to pay more than the $600 million they had already put into the project. But what of the billions of dollars of federal money set aside for the project? Well, Senator Kirsten Gillibrand thinks the money would do a lot here in New York, where it could pay for things like the Second Avenue Subway or the East Side Access project. Or at least a few more hot plates for that one building.

Gillibrand asked U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood for the money yesterday, saying both projects "have the complete support of elected officials from both parties, from the governor to the mayor." And besides, it's not like New Jersey needs it. A majority of polled New Jerseyans said Christie was right to cancel the project, which was estimated to create about 45,000 permanent jobs. Poll director David Redlawsk said, "While those who regularly travel to New York feel differently, much of the state agrees with Christie that the project is too expensive." Then again, this is a state that produced Cake Boss, so take those majorities with a grain of salt.