2008_12_beach.jpgIt appears that it will be more difficult for New Yorkers to use the Jersey Shore as an easy, affordable getaway as courts are restricting how much of the beach is available to the public. State legislators had been attempting to free up more beaches along the Shore, but appeals courts lately have been overturning them, leading to what the State Island Advance says "may add up to a confusing summer next year, with people unsure of which stretches of sand they're legally allowed to be on, and when they're allowed to be there. "People come down to the shore, decide to party, get tipsy, go for a swim at 2 in the morning, and if they drown, the first thing their family will do is sue the town because we allowed it," said Avalon Mayor Martin Pagliughi about laws forcing him to keep his beaches open all night. Let's just hope that the mayor of Belmar doesn't get involved in this again.