It's a classic story: Girl picks up boy for sex in her dad's SUV. Boy gets behind the wheel as girl goes downtown. SUV crashes into tree, and girl concocts elaborate carjacking lie to cover up her shame. But it all blew up in the face of 23-year-old Sara C. Blasse of Vineland, N.J., who broke her arm after the unidentified man crashed the SUV early Sunday morning.

Blasse originally told the cops that she was lost on Sunday when she asked a man for directions, and that her assailant dragged her out of the SUV at gunpoint, throwing her to the ground. She initially claimed that she called a friend, and not police, after the carjacking, and then walked around in a daze, unable to call 911 because her cell phone battery died. After her friend picked her up, her parents took her to the hospital, but Blasse's story came apart when police started wondering how her friend found her when her cell phone was dead.

Police say Blasse quickly confessed to lying about the incident, and admitted that she picked up a man for sex, and that he was driving her daddy's 2003 Kia Sorrento while she performed "auto" fellatio. She's charged with filing a false police report (which wouldn't be a problem if only she was a cop). In addition to crashing into a tree, police say the SUV had also been set on fire. Must have been one hot hummer, amirite?