Yesterday afternoon, a group of teens made a shocking discovery: a newborn premature baby was inside a Pathmark shopping bag.

WABC 7 spoke to Keyshaun Wiggins, 15, who said they found the baby in a building's courtyard: "We heard something crying in the bag, we thought it was an animal or something. So we went up to the bag, and we saw the baby's hand coming." He and his friends went to the building's super, who then called 911. Keyshaun added, "The baby could have suffocated in the bag."

The super's wife, Rebecca Wolmers, said that the baby's umbilical cord was still attached. She didn't think any of the building's residents were pregnant. The baby, which is 3 pounds, is reportedly stable at Jersey Medical Center.

Police are looking for the baby's mother. NJ has a safe haven law which allows parents to abandon babies in safe places without prosecution.

And super Arturo Rivas prohibits kids from playing in the courtyard, telling the Jersey Journal, "Thank God they were back there."