Yesterday, the Jersey City police released videos from the July 16 shooting incident that left one police officer dead as well as the two suspects under surveillance who apparently started the gunfire. Four other police officers were also wounded. Jersey City police chief Thomas Comey defended his department's decision, saying of suspect Hassan "Shakur" Hosendove, "As we were seeking to open up a line of communication, he was seeking to open up a line of fire."

Hosendove and his companion Amanda Anderson were suspected of being involved in an earlier shooting and under surveillance. The Star-Ledger details one video: "At 5:05 a.m., Anderson, dressed in a loose, flowing, all-black outfit with her head covered, gets into the couple's car on Fairmount Avenue and moves it to the other side of the street. She then walks to the sidewalk, where Hosendove appears, wearing a brown, flowing monk's robe, his right arm stiff at his side, hiding a shotgun." In another video, Hosendove is seen shooting at an (off-screen) police cruiser.

Surveillance video from Jersey City police shootout

While the Jersey City police department internal review initially believes the shooting followed rules, the Hudson County Prosecutor's office is still investigating. There has also been a lot of violent crime in Jersey City recently, which Comey called an "aberration."