Yesterday, Jersey City authorities were able to defuse a homemade bomb in a vacated pizzeria on Palisade Avenue. Jersey City Deputy Police Chief Peter Nalbach said the bomb was "very rudimentary... If you watched 'MacGyver' as a kid you could probably figure out how to do it. But if it had gone off, there would have been major destruction." And police arrested the building's landlord, who allegedly was trying to set up the pizzeria tenant!

The authorities didn't give details of the dispute between landlord Milan Bolich Jr. and the tenant (the pair were due in court yesterday), but 1010 WINS reports that Willy Joe's pizzeria was in the space for four months: "Neighbor Alberto Gonzalez, who worked at the pizzeria, said he helped the man, whom police did not identify, move pizza-making equipment out of the restaurant last week."

According to the Jersey Journal, Bolich allegedly told police he smelled gas and took them to the first floor; he also pointed out the bomb. The bomb was a "plastic jug containing gasoline, diesel fuel and paint thinner," connected to a ceiling lighting fixture with one wire and connected to the front door with another wire, so when the door opened, "the wires would have brushed against each other and completed a circuit that would have sent electricity into the combustible fluid. The explosion could have ignited the natural gas in the air."

Bolich was charged with aggravated arson, risking widespread injury and possession of a weapon for unlawful purposes. Neighbors were understandably pissed off at the attempted bomb, which could have taken out the buildings on either side of 451 Palisade Avenue: "It's over the top, either way you go with it. I mean there's a lot of other ways of recourse other than blowing up half the block."