Jersey City police are looking for a 32-year-old woman who has been missing for a few days. Randy "Amanda" Lehrer, who is married and has a ten-month-old child, was last seen on August 16. According to WCBS 2, "Officials say Lehrer’s husband initially said she stormed out of their Jersey City home but he waited at least three days until Wednesday to report her missing. He now says he will not cooperate with police without speaking to a lawyer first."

Jersey City Police Chief Tom Comey said of Lehrer's husband, “We have been delayed, because of a lack of cooperation on his part, has forced us to seek court orders, subpoenas and warrants to do our job." Comey added, "Apparently, this is very uncharacteristic of her. In three years, this is the only time she's missed work, other than when she had her baby. It's out of her nature, according to all the people we've interviewed, for her to leave her child behind."

Lehrer works at Tommy's Restaurant; her coworker and friend Donna Scocco told WCBS 2, “We worked together 10 hours a day, you know? I’m really worried, I am,” and doesn't think Lehrer would have left behind her child, "Never in a million years. No way. Nope."

The Jersey Journal received "unconfirmed information" that "Amanda's husband... called the restaurant on Monday to say that Amanda left to care for her sick mother and would not be at work. Amanda's parents were called and they said everyone was fine."

Police describe Lehrer as 5'2" and around 145 pounds with shoulder length brown hair and brown eyes and she has a tattoo—"Laugh Now Cry Later"—on her right shoulder. Call the Jersey City police's Missing Persons Unit at (201) 547-5427 with any information