2006_04_jerrystiller.jpgOh, no! For the love of wacky sitcom fathers - Jerry Stiller got his head cracked by a cab door when the cab started to drive off! Stiller was exiting a taxi, and a new fare was climbing in through the other door at Madison and East 64th Street. It seems the driver thought Stiller was out and started to take off, not realizing Stiller was still trying to get a bag from the taxi. Stiller fell to the ground and passerby Phil Singer helped him up. Singer says Stiller was in good spirits (proclaiming Singer performed a "mitzvah"). Eek. This reminded us of the NY Times' Clyde Haberman's column about a cabby who drove off with a baby in the backseat. His advice, which is sage, is for people to pay the cab drivers when you are out of the car, because they won't leave before that.