Linsanity may have given way to Timsanity at this point, but Knicks breakout point guard Jeremy Lin has been playing very well lately on the court as the Knicks have gone on a five-game win streak—and he's still getting plenty of endorsement deals off the court, including Volvo and Coke. Now, he's also making sure to wrest control of his name back from the various moochers who have re-appropriated it. To that end, Lin's legal team has sent a series of cease-and-desist letters to medical marijuana dispensaries who are selling the "Linsanity" brand pot.

The pot strain first appeared earlier this month, and was quickly given the Rick Ross seal of approval. HuffPost found that at least three California dispensaries have stopped "their doobie-ous enterprise" (groan). Josh Leibowitz, owner of 420 Specialists of Moreno Valley, confirmed the report—and mentioned that Lin's lawyers had a strange request: "They also wanted me to write a letter of apology."

But Lin has much more pressing concerns than apology letters, for in the battle between Linsanity and Timsanity, there can only be one survivor. NBC Sports wrote: "Jeremy Lin and Tim Tebow are more than just superstars—they are celestial sports memes, with their own gravity, weather systems and jersey racks at Modell’s...Of course only one will prevail: Tebowmania and Linsanity cannot co-exist indefinitely. But which will survive?" And guess what? They think Lin will prevail—and USA Today agrees. Maybe that'll cheer up Mark Sanchez a little.