Jeremy Lin has only been a linternational superstar for barely two weeks, but he's already feeling the pressure of the basketball world on his shoulder—Lin told reporters today that his rise to stardom has been "a little mentally and emotionally taxing," but he knows "that comes with the territory. It's my job to focus on resting and making sure it doesn't affect my performance on the court." And just because he has to shoulder the burden of having the most punable name in the world doesn't mean he isn't interested in normal everyday things, like finding himself a girlfriend: "First she would really love God and be a faithful Christian, and then after that, I think, a desire to serve other people, to help with the underprivileged...someone that’s definitely chill, low key, low maintenance."

In the midst of his hectic schedule, Lin opened up to the Post about his loss of privacy, how he's similar to his mom, and how he plans to use his "platform" as a Knicks star: "For God, for God’s glory, and I think that’s shown in a lot of different ways. It simply could be the way I live my life, what I talk about in my interviews, what I talk about through social media. It could be what I do in my spare time, what I do through my foundation." While he's grateful that fans are buying his jerseys and cheering him on, he hopes that people recognize he's not the only reason the Knicks have been on a seven game winning streak: "I hope they’re understanding that it’s a lot about the team right now—the team vibe and the team chemistry has a lot more to do than just one person can bring."

And in an interview on ESPN New York 1050's "The Michael Kay Show," he also wanted to make it clear to fans that Carmelo Anthony has been one of his biggest supporters, revealing that it was Anthony who told Coach Mike D'Antoni to let him play in what became Lin's breakout game against the Nets. "That's why I think it's funny right now," Lin said. "Some people are talking about, 'Oh, can Melo adjust into the system?' I mean, Melo wants to adjust to the system, and he doesn't want to shoot 30 shots a game. The fact that he vouched for me shows a lot about him."

Lin for one is pumped about Anthony coming back (which almost definitely won't happen tonight), and the fact that it'll take a lot of pressure off of him: "As a point guard, my field-goal attempts have been really high," Lin said. "I don't think that's necessarily good. I think it's more my job to distribute and get people in rhythm. Hopefully, especially when Melo comes back, another lethal scorer, my shots will go down and my assists will go up," Lin told Washington Post Sports.