"Chink in the armor" aside

, the lintense fever for anything Jeremy Lin-related is soaring to new heights. Why, just recently, this young lady made good on her bid to offer her body (we hope she's Christian!) to the new Knicks star with this media-friendly sign, "Jeremy, I Want You LINside Me." This brings up the real question: Has Jeremy Lin jumped the shark?

NY Post columnist Andrea Peyser confesses, "I’ve caught a wicked case of Linphomania." She notes:

Here’s something you may not know about Lin, the new Knick powerhouse and humble human who burns up the court while giving recession-battered New Yorkers, devout Christians, single women (guys, too) and wonky nerds something to shout about:

He’s short. The point guard stands four inches below the average NBA player, and is fully 15 inches shorter than retired Chinese basketball mountain Yao Ming. Still, at 6-foot-3 in stocking feet, with 5-foot-6 parents, there’s no telling where he came from.

OMG, she's delving into NBA stats and genetics! (FWIW, Jason Kidd, the great Dallas Mavericks point guard, is 6'4" so 6'3" really isn't short for that position.) Peyser is a little worried, though, "I hope success doesn’t destroy Jeremy Lin, a true American original. Of course, Lin is leaving his brother’s downtown couch and renting a place in sleepy White Plains. This guy can’t get into trouble if he tries." Keep in mind, this is coming from a woman who doesn't understand why someone should be punished for killing a pet.

Lin himself is trying to tamp down the over-the-top lintiest in his family in Taiwan: He said
"The special request I have is for the media back in Taiwan to give (my family) space, because they can’t even go to work without being bombarded, without people following them. I want people to respect their privacy." His grandmother is totally being hounded by the paparazzi!