The 28,000-square foot Manhattan mansion where financier Jeffrey Epstein was accused of abusing dozens of girls is now for sale.

The townhouse, located at 9 East 71st Street, is on the market for $88 million. The money from the sale of the mansion, along with Epstein's Palm Beach, Florida mansion (asking price: $22 million), will go towards a victims' compensation fund.

Epstein was found dead in his prison cell on August 10th, 2019, about a month after federal prosecutors in New York charged him with sex trafficking minors. While allegations of sexual abuse had followed him for decades, Epstein had previously managed to get a cushy plea deal with federal prosecutors in Florida related to an alleged "sexual pyramid scheme" run from his various homes.

The Southern District of New York's prosecutors said that Epstein had a series of adult women act on his behalf to "procure" and groom girls, many of them in vulnerable family situations, into giving him and associates naked massages and perform sexual acts, including at the townhouse.

The listing from the Modlin Group rhapsodizes, "The Herbert N. Straus Mansion was the last and largest of just a handful of goliath mansions built during its era in the 1930’s and it would become the capstone property of the wealthiest and most prominent block of all of New York City. The Mansion stands with provenance and commanding authority in a neighborhood steeped in New York’s richest history."

Upon purchase of the property in 1928 by Herbert N. Straus, heir to Isidor and Ida Straus, co-owners of renowned retailers R. H. Macy & Co., the mansion was commissioned to be built in 1930. Mr. Straus specifically chose “Society Architect” Horace Trumbauer, known for his particular adept proficiency in designing palaces for the rich. Mr. Trumbauer’s reputation for creating lavish residential manors for the wealthy allowed the accomplished architect to build the largest and most luxurious residences of the times. The Herbert N. Straus Mansion remains among Trumbauer’s most well-known works and contributed to his praise as one of the most “prominent American architect of the Gilded Age.” Built as New York City’s largest and most luxurious French Neo-Classical Mansion on a 50 foot wide by 102.2 foot deep lot, 7 stories and in excess of 28,000 square feet, some of the property’s luxuries include 15-foot-tall oak entry doors, imported French-limestone meticulously decorated with carvings, sculpture figures and ornamental iron works. Mr. Straus even transported antiques and fixtures along with “entire 18th-century rooms” from Europe.

The listing touts this as a "once in a life-time opportunity to own the largest single-family home in New York City," noting that "this historic landmark could easily present itself as a palatial consulate, embassy, foundation, or a museum to once again house some of the world’s greatest works of art."

Closeup picture of Jeffrey Epstein's front door, with damaged door from the federal raid, and the Initials J and E on the side

Jeffrey Epstein's front door in July 2019

Jeffrey Epstein's front door in July 2019
Jake Dobkin / Gothamist

The Wall Street Journal reported that Epstein bought the mansion in 1998, through a holding company, from Leslie Wexner, the billionaire who owns Victoria's Secret and Abercrombie & Fitch, for $20 million. "Visitors to the property have also described a room filled with an elaborate video surveillance system," added the Journal.

Federal agents had raided the townhouse for evidence. Epstein's ex-girlfriend and good friend, Ghislaine Maxwell, is in federal custody on sex trafficking charges. She is accused of aiding Epstein by recruiting and grooming girls.