phpBeYb3uAM.jpgIs Peter Vallone Jr's favorite daredevil, Jeb Corliss, back at it? While he's facing misdemeanor charges from his 2006 attempt to jump off the Empire State Building (the Daily News notes that he's still fighting to get the charges tossed due to missing evidence), Corliss may already be planning his next move. He told The NY Post that he would "absolutely" take advantage of the new law passed that allows urban stunts like parachuting off buildings with a police permit, and he added, "I love Mayor Bloomberg" (who signed the bill). Back in July Philippe Petit, who walked a highwire between the WTC towers in 1974, told us, "I continue to have in my mind some illegal walks. But we live in a different time now, and suddenly in a big city like New York, if I'm caught by the powers that be at the top of a building ... I would be shot first and asked questions later."