1208jebc.jpgJeb Corliss, who attempted to parachute off the Empire State Building in 2006 and has been in and out of court since, was convicted yesterday of reckless endangerment. He could face up to one year in jail, a significantly steeper punishment than was just handed to NY Times Building climber Alain Robert, who received a fine and community service. Corliss told the awaiting press,"I'm shocked. I can't believe it," and he'll now have to wait until January 22nd to find out what his exact sentencing will be. The Daily News adds that defense lawyer Mark Heller spoke up to Assistant DA Mark Crooks, a relative of flight pioneer Orville Wright, saying "If your great-great-granduncle were alive today, he would disagree with your argument that Jeb Corliss was being selfish, arrogant and reckless." Crooks responded that the Wright Brothers "didn't take their flying machines into crowded cities."