...but the truth is, Andrew Cuomo still leads her by 19% in the State Attorney General's race, according to a Quinnipiac poll. The Post does headline the news as "Jeanine Nibbles Into Andy's Enormous Headline" since she imrpoved by 4%, from 52-29 to the current 50-31. If the scandal is improving name recognition for her, she'd need to have a Congressional page scandal to make any more headway.

But now there's focus on a Rudy Giuliani connection to Pirro's misbehavin'. Yesterday, the Post broke news that when Pirro was Westchester DA, she directed some work to the security firm that the former mayor and Bernard Kerik - the friend who Pirro asked for help bugging her husband's boat (not that it's clear any bugging did take place). Giuliani, who was in Illinois yesterday, was asked if he still supported her. His answer? "Oh, jeez. We're not here to talk about that today." Well, that's some support. The work in question was a no-bid contract from A&P, apparently a part of a settlement the grocer made with Pirro's office.

And is it possible that Jeanine doesn't really co-own the boat she was going to tap? Pirro's defense, if she had tapped her husband's boat to see if he was cheating on her, was that it was a family boat she and her husband both owned. However, it doesn't look like records back that up; in fact, the Daily News reports that records don't show any "evidence of the boat at all." Mysterious and mysteriouser!