2006_09_pirrocov.jpgOne day is all it took. After it was revealed Republican Attorney General candidate and former Westchester DA Jeanine Pirro was under federal investigation for possibly wiretapping her husband - because she was worried he was cheating on her - it's revealed who the possible "other lady" in Al Pirro's life was: The 35 year old wife of the lawyer who represented Al Pirro in his 2000 tax evasion case. The Post calls Lisa Santangelo "a stunning brunette 20 years [Jeanine's] junior" while the Daily News calls her "elegant". Either way Santangelo is painted as a family friend (plus the Pirros and Santangelos live near each other) but Satangelo wasn't wearing a wedding band when the photogs descended. However, Santangelo's husband told reporters, "I stand by my wife. Due to the fact that there is an ongoing federal investigation, neither my wife or myself can comment. However, we have been friends with the Pirros for many years." And then his law partner issued a statement saying, "We emphatically deny that there was any affair."

As she stated yesterday, Jeanine Pirro is asking US Attorney General Alberto Gonzales to investigate the leak of the federal investigation, and pointed out that one of the prosecutors worked with Andrew Cuomo in the mid 1980s for the Manhattan DA. In an interview with Marcia Kramer on WCBS 2 (no interviews with WNBC for a while), Pirro said that the leak was clearly politically motivated, since the Attorney General race is 40 days away. Plus:

"Ever been tempted to run to divorce court and say I've had enough?" Kramer asked.

"We've all thought about doing things. But you know what? I chose to stay and fight," Pirro responded.

Kramer asked, "Some people say you could have been in the governor's mansion if not for Al Pirro…."

"People have said all kinds of things. 'You could have been this;' 'you could have been that,'" Pirro said.

"Do you think you could have been governor?" Kramer asked.

"It doesn't matter. I'm running for attorney general. I accept life, the cards that have been dealt to me. I'm a fighter," Pirro responded.

Well, that's all she can say, isn't it? Pirro wants answers about the leak in 30 days.

The NY Times has an enlightening article about the Pirro marriage, the Post's Andrea Peyser tackles the question why Pirro is sticking with her hubby, and the Daily News looks at governor-wannabe John Faso widening the distance between himself and Pirro.