2006_10_pirro.jpgOh, the sacrifices people make for marriage. The Post suggests the embattled Pirros stay together because of money: Al makes it and makes sure Jeanine has $15,000 a month to live on. A source tells the Post:

"Jeanine loves the lifestyle that Al's income provides her. You can't believe how much money this lady spends," the source said.

"She has $15,000 suits in the closet that she hasn't worn yet, with the labels still on them. She has the mansion, the house in West Palm Beach, she'd talk about getting her Botox treatments on a regular basis - nothing but the best for her."

And yesterday it was revealed that the federal investigation does not stop at whether Attorney General candidate Pirro bugged her husband's boat - it's also looking into the Pirro family finances between 1998 and 2005, when Pirro was the Westchester Country District Attorney. While it's not known why the financial statements are sought, it's a great tangled web: Pirro's husband Al was convicted of tax evasion back in 2000, and he was represented by Michael Santangelo, who wife Lisa is the woman Jeanine suspected Al was cheating with. Oh, and another thing prosectuors are looking at: Whether Pirro, during her tenure as DA, gave special breaks to people who used Santangelo as their defense attorney.

Pirro continued to say the leaks about the investigation were politically motivated and that "no one will be surprised if there are more leaks before the end of the week.” Ha! The Daily News joins the hit parade with an interview with Al's 23 year old "love child," Jaclyn Lichtefeld, who says, "There's got to be something going on to make him cheat - maybe she's too busy into the politics to make time for him."

And winning the "lame excuse to get attention for himself" award is self-promoting former cop Bo Dietl, who tells New York magazine that he's surprised Jeanine didn't ask him to bug Al's boat: “I’m her friend for ten, fifteen years, and I do that kind of matrimonial crap. Bernie didn’t do that kind of stuff. She knows she could call me, and I’d be very confidential with her. And she’s called me on other confidential matters, and I’d be the first one to say, ‘Ah, we’ll put a surveillance on it.’”